Advantages of Working with Cedar Hill

As trusted advisors, we provide investment advisory services and specialize in building sound, long-term plans for wealth management. Our in-depth knowledge of today’s investment climate and unique dedication and experience enable you to:

Preserve Capital

We recognize how difficult it is to accumulate personal wealth. Capital preservation is paramount in the client portfolios we construct.

Customize Portfolios

We establish a shared vision of your objectives, constraints and risk tolerances and note any restrictions you may have with respect to types of investments. We then work with you to craft your personalized investment policy statement and asset allocation strategy.

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Manage Risk Through Diversification

Asset allocation seeks to lower risk through diversification. Once we identify your liquidity and income requirements, we then build portfolios from a broad base of investments that have different anticipated returns.

Maximize Tax Efficiency

Our portfolio management team works with your accountant and estate planning attorney to maximize after-tax returns and promote efficient intergenerational transfer of wealth.

Access a Larger Investment Universe

Our expertise and access allow us to provide high-quality alternative investments that have the potential to generate positive returns with low correlation to traditional investments, and with lower overall volatility. When appropriate, we recommend investment opportunities in natural resources, private equity, real estate and other non-traditional investments.