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Asset Allocation

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Asset Allocation

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At Cedar Hill we understand that the investment process starts with the investor. We work with each of our clients to craft personalized portfolios based on their financial and non-financial objectives, constraints, and risk tolerances. Our investment process is set forth to clearly outline the steps to create a diversified portfolio. From understanding each client's risk tolerance to determining asset allocation and selection, we believe our process provides the structure to support varying investment objectives and goals.

Our client portfolios may include:

  • Equities (exchange-listed, over-the-counter, foreign issues)
  • Option Contracts on Securities (no commodity contracts)
  • Warrants
  • U.S. Government Fixed Income
  • International Fixed Income
  • Corporate Debt and Commercial Paper
  • Mortgage-backed Securities
  • Municipal Securities
  • Partnerships (real estate, oil and gas interests, private equity, venture capital)
  • Proprietary Partnerships (funds of funds and special purpose vehicles)