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Managing Equity Investments

Core Equity
Cedar Hill builds diversified portfolios for clients that are composed of companies that have attractive growth prospects relative to valuation, or are undervalued relative to their net asset value. We evaluate these companies based on quantitative metrics as well as qualitative assessments of corporate management, business strategy and macro factors impacting the industry. Cedar Hill also analyzes an investment’s risk before addressing the potential return opportunity.

Other factors we consider include a company’s profitability, financial resources, market position and the track record of the management team. Additionally, we assess the competitive landscape within the industry, identifying key macro trends as well as economic, political and regulatory risks. We determine valuation by using internally generated earnings and cash flow projections.

Equity Income
Cedar Hill’s Equity Income portfolios are composed of actively managed portfolio stocks that have a significant income component, and are sometimes tax advantaged. Yields on these investments far exceed bonds or dividends from traditional stocks. Investments may include Master Limited Partnerships (energy infrastructure), Business Development Companies (lending to middle market companies), preferred equities, covered call strategies and other high income producing securities. In addition to current income, the strategy offers additional return potential through share price appreciation, and the downside is not as exposed to interest rate increases as traditional fixed income.