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Fixed Income Investment Management

Fixed income securities represent a highly liquid investment vehicle for producing income and also offer relative safety of principal while providing some diversification to equity investments.

For taxable accounts, municipal bonds may offer attractive after-tax income, as most issues are exempt from federal income tax. Additionally, some issues provide state tax exemption, depending upon state of residence. For tax deferred/exempt accounts, we generally construct a diversified portfolio consisting of corporate and government bonds, as well as asset-backed securities.

Prior to selecting individual securities, we analyze general economic trends and the prevailing supply and demand for newly issued securities. This information is important in considering short- and long-term changes to interest rates, as well as shifts in the yield curve, which charts the relationship between interest rates and time to maturity of similar securities. We then construct a diversified portfolio of bonds consistent with this outlook.

Our bond portfolios represent high credit quality and short-to-intermediate maturities, and are diversified by issuer. Our domestic and international fixed income selection process includes economic analysis, yield curve assessment, security selection through numerous channels and the continuous review of the portfolio.