Cedar Hill Wealth Management

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Our Process

Before we manage your portfolio, we go through a careful process of identifying what you want to achieve. This process includes:

Identifying Objectives
We begin by developing an investment policy statement identifying your financial and non-financial goals. Factors that drive the investment policy statement include return objectives, risk tolerances, liquidity needs, and careful consideration of tax, estate and legal issues.

Developing an Asset Allocation Strategy
Effective asset allocation reduces risk and volatility by integrating asset classes that have a low correlation with one another. Using our capital market assumptions, we develop an asset allocation strategy to build a portfolio that addresses your specific investment goals and risk tolerances.

Implementing the Asset Allocation Strategy
Cedar Hill specialists work as a team to formulate investment selections. When implementing your investment plan, diversification is paramount. To achieve optimum diversification, we may select common stocks, bonds and, for qualified clients, a variety of alternative asset classes such as investment partnerships, private equity, fund of funds and more.

Monitoring, Evaluating, Reporting
Cedar Hill continually monitors your portfolio to ensure that it is consistent with the your investment policy criteria and goals. We employ active investment management strategies by adjusting your portfolio to reflect changes in the economy and financial markets. We continually evaluate investments in your portfolio by using appropriate benchmarks to measure performance or affirm that we are meeting your objectives. We provide quarterly reports which detail your investment activity. In addition, we schedule periodic personal meetings to discuss your portfolio.

Our clients receive:

  • Personal Investment Reviews
  • Quarterly Investment Reports
  • Annual Reports
  • Specific Investment and Fund Letters
  • Tax Reporting Information